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The aim of this platform is to bring greater freedom to the creative process by presenting a program this is not curated and does not have a required/prescribed outcome. It is an artists supporting artists run initiative to promote audience development for dance and cross art-form works by initiating a dialogue between audiences and creators at various stages of a work.


“On the Cusp” offers trust to the creators in their creative process. The difference between an artist and a painter and the analogy with music, and say there are three types of musicians: the composer, the performer and the conductor.

In comparing the difference between the three no performer or conductor can produce anything without the previous creation of the composer. In comparing art with music, the most important difference is that comparable abilities to those of the composer, performer and conductor must be the artist painter and I add the choreographer creator.


Creativeness is the basis of artistic achievement. This work is absent in the tradesman “a painter” and therefore no matter how skillful he is in a technical sense, he is not an artist, because he is not creative. The role of a ‘conductor’ in a painting is to create a unity whose presence is equally possible in an artist or painter’s work. The foundation of a painters work is its story.


In an artists work this can also be the initial stimulus; but it has become apparent that once the painting is finished, the story turns out to be a by-product and not an aim.


When an artist is not burdened with the fear of creative freedom and the fear of creative responsibility. The creative freedom of the artist is on a spiritual level and is inseparably linked with creative responsibility.


I write this taking excerpts from a book published with help from The Arts Board of The Australia Council “What is Art all About” by Desiderius Orban to explain the background that is behind the offerings to the choreographer’s to create for “On the Cusp”.


And while theatre is dealing with scripts this shows how choreography and dance can relate more to the visual arts In its process and has the ability to bring Artistic freedom to the stage.


Karen Kerkhoven

We invite you to meet the creators and feel free to ask about their pieces if you would like to after the performance.

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