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Our newest venture, Artists Brigade
“Artists Supporting Artists” beyond borders. Dansart Artists in Zoom-ism residency coming to you.

We also facilitate On the Cusp performances for independent artists and creators. 

Imagine Residencies are for artists, held periodically at 'Imagine' on the mid-north coast of NSW, Australia. 


Art in Motion

Art in Motion
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Karen Promo 2018_02-21-DI
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Karen Promo 2018_02-21-DI

AusDance NSW 2020 Residency
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AusDance NSW 2020 Residency

Imagine Karen Kerkhoven
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Imagine Karen Kerkhoven


"Imagine all the people, living life in peace”

John Lennon

Artists' Statement

Dance and art for me, ultimately can be practiced with the same degree of creative philosophy or post modern concepts. If needed, these modalities can be vehicles of holding a mirror to aspects of the world we wish to explore and yes! even throw light and bring attention on to broaden minds and expands existing ideas for the artist doing the work and for those who see it.

The space in between the work and the spectator is where the hope for the future potential remains unknown and if the space is there ----it is a success.

From where I stand, if someone looks at a work and they discover something, or it lights up a new discovery then it is a success. (In my opinion) if they remain the same as before, then I see it as being unsuccessful.

Music, dance and creative art can go beyond reason into the world of spirit and touch us on another dimension. This can also provoke and change existing environments e.g. intervention to stimulate and change existing patterns in children, people, patients, education, and institutions that may have, in the past, often been about control and conforming to a set of rules and authoritarianism.

I see art as an answer to find the new, untried to test the new ways to communicate where sometimes no communication exists and as a totally artists' artist, I am happy to be totally abstract and express abstraction, as that can be just as powerful and spiritual without representing a story of any kind, and is really more spiritual and creative than representational art.

"Árt for Art´s Sake" will always exist as the power of creativity, as the creative spirit is enough in itself! A kind of creative freedom that exists within us all!

Karen Kerkhoven

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